Retailers Rocking Instagram E-Course

The overwhelm!

  • Do you watch Instagram trainings and still feel lost about how to apply the lessons to your social retail business?

  • Are you paralyzed by the idea of creating content, editing pictures, and choosing hashtags?

  • Do you post on the fly with no set plan?

  • You wish someone who knows your business model would walk you through each step of the Instagram process

  • You want a daily routine that gets you in and out of Instagram quickly, so you can get back to selling

If so - you made it to the right place!

This is exactly why I made Retailers Rocking Instagram! Learn from the plan I’ve made to post with confidence and grow an engaged audience.

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Topics covered include:

  • Learning to post with intention utilizing my favorite planning tool

  • How to edit your photos for consistency - super fast

  • Ninja strategies for finding the best hashtags for your brand

  • Stories tips including design and growth strategy

  • Writing captions that foster engagement and community

  • How to engage outside your community to bring new eyes to your product