Content Curation

Do you want to start mixing in beautiful images along with your own posts on Instagram? Sometimes you just need the perfect quote or rainbow flatlay. I love curating content in my personal Instagram and in the accounts I manage.

It’s a way to make your feed feel more like a magazine that tells a story and less like a catalog that’s just trying to sell things!

Here’s a breakdown of how I blend curated content in with my own images to create a cohesive aesthetic that my audience loves - in four easy steps!

Look through the list of accounts below and find images that speak to you. They’re organized by subject matter and color, which are the two defining details I use when laying out my feed.

Save posts into category folders within your Instagram account. I have category folders for each color, and also some themes like parenting memes, b/w quotes, boss babe inspo, etc.

Plan your feed using a layout app like Preview or Planoly. When you go to lay out your feed, mix in posts that you had saved into categories. I like to create a grid, or mix in curated content every 5th post for a nice balance

Give credit!