Pinterest Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips for Business

Why use Pinterest for your business?

It’s free traffic that’s evergreen. It keeps working for you, behind the scenes, for months and years after posting!

While some people are slaving away on Facebook and Instagram, fighting the algorithm for new eyes on their content, Pinterest works with you to find the right audience. I’m still driving traffic from content I pinned years ago!

Tip 1: Prime your account. Convert to a business account, verify your website and enable rich pins. Add the Pinterest button to your site so people can easily pin your content.

Tip 2: Use Canva. Get a free Canva account so you can create great visuals to Pin! All of your pins should have easy-to-read text with the enticing keywords of your article.

Tip 3: Use Tailwind for scheduling. You need to be super consistent on Pinterest, pinning multiple times throughout the day. Tailwind let’s you schedule your pins ahead of time and get back to business!

Tip 4: Get social. Join group boards or Tailwind Tribes to help boost your posts and to find great content to share.

Tip 5: Use keywords! From your pin descriptions to board names to your bio - utilize as many keywords as you can while still sounding conversational. It will help people find you when you use the terms they are searching for.

If you need help with utilizing Pinterest to skyrocket your pageviews, I’m your girl! I’d love to help boost your brand. Email me to discuss your needs.