why instagram?

Why Instagram??

A successful business is built from three things: amazing products, outstanding service, and relationship building.

Once you've nailed the first two, Instagram helps you build the relationship. The trust and credibility needed to create an environment of RAVING fans.

It‘s the ultimate way to warm an audience up and build trust to turn a viewer into a customer.

You need to be front of mind. Instagram keeps you there.

Your future and current customers are already on the platform - wouldn’t you rather have them see your content and have them build a relationship with you rather than someone else offering a similar product?

It's easy to get hung up on questioning the financial return from this post or that post.... Focus more on who you can reach and how you can serve them.

Actually, don't even think about the ROI (return on investment)... instead think of COMO.  The Cost of Missing Out!

In the end.. it would be a disservice to not expose your amazing product or service to all those in need of it. The world needs you!